Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reason #2: Better Skin

Whenever I go big on sugar, inevitably the next morning I wake up with circles under my eyes. I never can avoid having the sugar that I ate show on my face. Often, I wonder if this has long-term effects on my skin in general. I turns out (unfortunately) it does.

Apparently, when we eat sugar it attaches itself to collagen (think of the elasticity and youthful brightness of a pre-teen's skin...this is due to high levels of collagen) in a process called glycation. Glycation causes skin to become tight and inflexible. Tight and inflexible skin equals wrinkles and pre-mature aging. You might as well go sit in the sun without sunscreen for a few hours rather than eat that sugar!

Wrinkles. Another good reason to avoid sugar today.

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